Employer Partnership

Dixie Technical College supports free enterprise, which is driven by market conditions. We work with local employers on a daily basis to stay current on the changes that occur in the marketplace. This college-wide focus is critical in helping us fulfill our mission.

The objectives of our on-going relationship with local businesses and industry, which we proudly call our Business partnerships, are threefold:

1. Ensure that our technical education meets business requirements,
2. secure meaningful employment for our students, and
3. support the viability of the businesses that are the very heart and foundation of the Washington County community.

Occupational Advisory Committees

Each college certificate program establishes and maintains a team of employers which represents local businesses. Each committee meets at least twice a year to:

-review our curriculum materials, course outlines, and skill competency standards;
-review our equipment needs;
-recommend appropriate equipment changes and upgrades;
-review changing employer job skill requirements;
-provide feedback on the performance of former students;
-discuss employment trends and job forecasts; and
-provide recommendations concerning the technical skills employees need to be successful on the job.

Each year, nearly 30 employers dedicate their time and expertise to these teams to ensure our students receive the best technical education possible. These employer representatives also establish on-the-job training activities and internships for our students. These activities give students first-hand knowledge and experience in applying the skills they are learning in their classes.