Mission Statement


Forward Thinking.  Future Focused.  Career Ready.


For students who want to improve their lives by improving their employability, the Dixie Technical College provides: 

Current, relevant industry driven training in a professional and demanding environment, Dixie Tech certificates, and nationally recognized certifications or licensure, indicating competence and work readiness to potential employers. 

To our students, Dixie Tech will help you be Forward Thinking, Future Focused, and Career Ready.

As an institution, our faculty and staff commit to being Forward Thinking, Future Focused, and Career Ready, personally, and in each interaction with a student potential student, employer, or member of our community.  


To accomplish our Mission, Dixie Technical College will focus on three main drivers:

1. Quality Students...
anyone willing to work hard and stretch as necessary to master industry driven competencies.

2. Quality Programs & Processes...
from our Student Services personnel, to our Faculty, to our Administration, the Dixie Tech will model, teach, and develop professional behavior and skills in each of our students.  

3.  Quality Graduates...
placed in the workforce...our students will take the name and reputation of the Dixie Tech out into the workplace and perform at such high levels of competence that employers will look to Dixie Tech as their first line for hiring new employees.