President's Message

WELCOME to Dixie Technical College!  We take very seriously our commitment to help you become forward thinking, future focused and career ready. Be prepared to work hard and develop skills that will have life long benefit to you.  Our instructors are closely tied to the industries they are preparing you to enter.  Occupational advisory committees provide regular input to our curriculum content and student training experience.  You’ll receive relevant, industry driven training to prepare you to land a great job.

While you’re here, you may determine that you’d like to use your skills and pursue additional education. Dixie Technical College has an articulation agreement in place with Dixie State University which allows a student who completes a Dixie Tech certificate of 900 hours or more to receive 30 DSC credits for that certificate upon completion of the additional requirements for an Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science Degree.

Spend a year or two with us here at the Dixie Tech and you’ll never look back.  Opportunities are waiting for you and you’ll be prepared with competence and confidence to take advantage of them in ways that will enrich your life.

Kelle Stephens
DXATC Campus President