The Art of Significance & Communicator Boot Camp

The Art of Significance

• Practice Obedience Instead of Free Will Agency
• Exercise Perseverance Instead of Patience
• Forgive Instead of Apologize
• Proactively Stretch Instead of Change
• Trust Predictability Instead of Hope and Faith
• Know the Whole Truth Instead of Believing What You Think
• Love and Be Needed Instead of Making Commitments
• Establish Covenants Instead of Team
• Focus on Winning Instead of Team
• Do Right Instead of Seeking To Be Best
• Experience Harmony Instead of Forcing Balance
• Accept Others Instead of Judging Them

Communicator Boot Camp

• How to Have Powerful Conversations
• To Be More Interesting and Emotionally Stirring when Speaking
• Write and Craft a Speech Audiences of any number will Love
• The Eight Scientific Elements of Organizing a Powerful and Memorable Speech
• The Art of Storytelling
• Customize Content for Your Audience

Thursday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
November 29, 2018
A111 (Auditorium) 

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Special Pricing $150 for both workshops and lunch

40% off Custom Fit Sponsorships available to for-profit businesses operating in Washington County
Qualifying Companies please call Dixie Tech to register: 435.674.8640 or 435.674.8644