Wildland Fire

Do you want to be a Wildland Firefighter? This 40-hour course provides the skills and knowledge necessary to become a Wildland Firefighter for federal, State, local fire departments and private fire contractors. For those wishing to gain employment with federal and private firefighting agencies, you are required to have the Basic Wildland Fire Training. This course meets NWCG Firefighter requirements for fire line work. Call for information about other Wildland Fire Training Courses available (435.674.8644)

T/TH    6 - 9 pm
S    8 am - 5 pm
Start Date:  11/27/2018 - 12/15/2018

Location:  Dixie Technical College ERTC
                 Room #1E 
Training Coordinator:  BISTRYSKI, ROGERS 

All Fast traX courses have a minimum enrollment requirement.  If the minimum is not met the course will be cancelled.  In this event you will be contacted.  

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