Flagging Certification

This seminar will educate attendees in National and State of Utah traffic safety standards.  A representative from DXATC and the American Traffic Safety Service Association (ATSSA) will be teaching the course.  Upon completion, attendees will receive National ATSSA Flagger Certification, valid nationally for three years.  In addition, attendees will receive Certification from the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) valid in Utah for three years.  4-hour instruction, books, materials, and dual certification cards for ATSSA and UDOT included.

TH    8 am -12 pm
February 8, 2018

Location:  DXATC ERTC Campus, Rm #12E
Instructor:  SWENSEN

All Fast traX courses have a minimum enrollment requirement.  If the minimum is not met the course will be cancelled.  In this event you will be contacted. 

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