Why Dixie Tech?

1. Get Skills
All Dixie Tech certificate programs are skill based, not theory based. While some academic components are necessary, the focus in each of our programs is to develop job skills required for success in the workplace.  Our instructors blend relevant learning models to give you the finest technical training available in Washington County.

2. Cost Effective
Our certificate programs are affordable and cost effective.  Tuition and fees for an entire program are typically around the cost of one traditional college semester. Many of our programs are  eligible for federal financial aid for qualifying students.  Payment plans may be arranged through our finance office.  Agencies such as Utah Department of Workforce Services and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation provide sponsorship to students who meet their qualifications.

3. Industry Endorsed
Each certificate program has an employer advisory committee made up of local employers in that specific discipline.  These committees review our curriculum and training practices at least twice each year to assure that what we teach and the way we teach it gives our students exactly what they need to be successful when they go to work.

4. COE Accredited.
In addition to this valuable tie with industry,  Dixie Tech is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.  This national accreditation authority specializes in providing rigorous standards and oversight to assure that each student has the opportunity to be successful.

5. Skilled Faculty.
All of our instructors are selected from industry.  They have actually worked in the fields they teach.

6. Challenging environment.
Dixie Tech programs are challenging and even demanding.  We mirror a real work environment and those are always challenging and demanding.  As students master competencies in a chosen field of study, they will also develop confidence to  succeed in their next skilled job.

7. Go to work
Some of our programs have externship components which introduce students to employers and give them a real world experience as part of the course work.  Others are closely tied with local employers which use the Dixie Tech as their first contact when they need to hire skilled workers.